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Can Your Furniture Reflect Your Personality


If you thought the furniture you buy was purely for comfort and practicality, think again. The furniture we have in our homes, just like the clothes we wear or the cars we drive, says something about who we are. The bookcase in your living room gives away nearly as much as the books on its shelves. The design of your furniture reflects its time and often aspects of its designer.

Think about what image your home gives your guests. Do you favour reclaimed oak furniture or prefer dark mahogany pieces? Using reclaimed oak, for example, will suggest that you are concerned about the environment in much the same way that driving a hybrid car would. We pick our furniture to match the interior dcor of a room, and the two combined give clues to your personality.

Colour psychology has been studied for hundreds of years, notably in the Chinese system of Feng Shui. Colours are said to affect mood and even reflect aspects of your personality. Blue, for example, is calming while yellow symbolises friendliness and warmth. Furniture comes in many different shades too. Wooden furniture, for example, comes in a selection of colours depending on the type of wood and the way its treated. Gothic style furniture in a dark wood, for instance, is strong, heavy and stately. Art-Deco, on the other hand, with its bold lines and polished finish gives an impression of fun and rebels against tradition.

Furniture makers tend to instil a little of their own personality into their creations. People choose particular furniture because something of what the designer was trying to impart appeals to them. So next time you’re out furniture shopping, think about why you like a particular piece – you may surprise yourself!