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Everything But the Kitchen Sink – How to Remodel Your Kitchen


Kitchen remodeling is a major expense and you should not waste
your money on a design you do not like. You spend a lot of time in your
kitchen. In fact, the it is the most important room in your house when
it comes time to sell. Spare no expense on your remodeling project and
you will be glad you did not.

How to choose a kitchen cabinet

Your kitchen should be a reflection of you and the style of the
kitchen cabinet you choose should reflect that. Pick out a cabinet that
has the type of storage you like, whether it is a Lazy Suzan cabinet or a
cabinet with pull out drawers. Each cabinet you choose should have a
predestined function. As you choose your cabinets, also think about the
types of knobs, counter tops, lighting and flooring you would like. Your
cabinets should compliment these things and provide a good simple
design for you to work with.

The kitchen sink

You will spend many hours standing behind your kitchen sink. Get a
sink that makes the most sense to you. You can buy a sink in many
styles, shapes or sizes. Some sinks are single compartment while others
are dual compartment sinks. You can also get varying depths of sinks.
Consider the tasks that will take place in your sink and then decide
what type of sink is best for you.

Kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets are in a more prominent spot than you might think.
Although they have a very simple function, faucets come in a wide array
of styles to choose from. Your faucet can make a statement or an
eyesore. It is worth putting the extra money into a faucet that
compliments the rest of the kitchen. A good faucet will last forever.

Kitchen design: putting everything together

Once you choose all of your component such as your sink, faucet,
cabinets, appliances and flooring, you must decide how best to put them
together. This is your kitchen design. Your design can be a dramatic
change, or your design can stick to the same basic layout. The choice is