How a Swivel Spice Rack Can Help Save Kitchen Space


If you need to clean things up since you have a lot of random stuff spread out all over your kitchen then you really need to get at it and organize it. Having too much stuff in and around you kitchen can really suck. It looks awful and it really slows you down when youre cooking. It slows you down when your cooking because your constantly looking for things that are hard to find since they are buried under all your other kitchen supplies. If your one of the people who have their spices scattered in their kitchen drawers then it’s time to get rid of that habit. Typically the spices are not just buried in their drawer, but all over the place like in the kitchen cabinet among many other places. There are many solutions for helping you keep your spices organized. A swivel spice rack can help save you a lot of the headache that comes when your kitchen is unorganized. You can get organized and get your kitchen back to normal with a few simple things.

1. One of the ways that you can save valuable kitchen space is by having a swivel spice rack in your kitchen. They are great for saving space. They will fit anywhere and are quite small, but at the same time allow you to hold many of your spices. You can also decide to put much more then just spices in it. They hold things like art supplies, pill bottles, and other things.

2. Get out your camera and take a snapshot of your kitchen. Then look at the picture and determine what needs to be cleaned up. You’ll be surprised at how powerful this is. It really makes you take a better look at the state of your kitchen and then act on it.

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Double Kitchen Sinks – Practical and Beautiful


Double kitchen sinks can provide many advantages to homeowners as they offer great versatility because they are made of various materials and come in many shapes and sizes. Double kitchen sinks can be either undermounted or overmounted (dropped-in), and the mounting is based on customer preference.

With countertops such as granite, soapstone, or other high-end materials, undermounting the sink is typically preferable as this allows more of the countertop to be seen and does not break the visual continuity of the countertop. The type of double bowl used should be based on the planned use as well as the colors and styles used in the overall design of the kitchen. It should enhance the look of the kitchen but not be the focal point or distract from the overall appearance of the room.

Double sinks have two bowls separated by a divider. There are several styles of double sinks. Homeowners can choose from equal bowl, 60/40, and 70/30 sinks. With an equal bowl type, both sides of the sink are of equal size and depth or 50/50. With the 60/40 type, the left bowl is generally slightly larger and deeper than the right side. With the 70/30 type, the left bowl is significantly larger and deeper than the right one. Of the three different types, the 60/40 model is definitely the most popular sink among homeowners as it adds a more distinctive look to the kitchen while still maintaining its functionality.

Can Your Furniture Reflect Your Personality


If you thought the furniture you buy was purely for comfort and practicality, think again. The furniture we have in our homes, just like the clothes we wear or the cars we drive, says something about who we are. The bookcase in your living room gives away nearly as much as the books on its shelves. The design of your furniture reflects its time and often aspects of its designer.

Think about what image your home gives your guests. Do you favour reclaimed oak furniture or prefer dark mahogany pieces? Using reclaimed oak, for example, will suggest that you are concerned about the environment in much the same way that driving a hybrid car would. We pick our furniture to match the interior dcor of a room, and the two combined give clues to your personality.

Colour psychology has been studied for hundreds of years, notably in the Chinese system of Feng Shui. Colours are said to affect mood and even reflect aspects of your personality. Blue, for example, is calming while yellow symbolises friendliness and warmth. Furniture comes in many different shades too. Wooden furniture, for example, comes in a selection of colours depending on the type of wood and the way its treated. Gothic style furniture in a dark wood, for instance, is strong, heavy and stately. Art-Deco, on the other hand, with its bold lines and polished finish gives an impression of fun and rebels against tradition.

Stylish and comfortable office furniture


Most people believe that used office furniture is not a durable option and would give an old and abused appearance . Having the right office liquidation can make or split the functionality of an office. Purchasing liquidated office furniture is not only a smart way to save a great deal of money but it also contributes towards atmosphere protection as well. If you have thoughts what you are going to buy then pass over the unsuitable items. Think about the structure of the piece more than whether there is chipped paint . You can always sand and refinish many pieces so that you breathe new existence back into them.

The EthoSource work embraces recycling and refurbishing liquidation office furniture as a cost effective and ecologically responsible approach for creating a contemporary workspace. EthoSource offers an green office furniture solution by specializing in used Herman Miller cubicles & workstations.

EthoSource is a countrywide recognized leader in the field of pre-owned office furniture liquidation and project management . Whether you are relocating, downsizing, reorganizing, moving, or upgrading your existing furniture, they offer a full-service certified operation specializing in the purchase , disassembly, and removal of all types and brands of excess furniture.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tips – Change Pads Regularly


Through my years of working on evaporative coolers I have found that poor maintenance of cooler pad material probably contributes the most to premature deterioration of the entire cooler. Most owners feel they are saving money by leaving the old pads in the unit for as long as possible but, ultimately they are costing themselves much more money in the long run by having to change out the entire cooler years before they should have to change it. I will explain why this is usually the case. But first lets look at the different types of evaporative cooler media.

Differences in Evaporative Media

The most common pad material for evaporative coolers is aspen pad. These pads get their name because they are made of wood shavings from aspen trees. The aspen wood is then enclosed in plastic cheesecloth mesh sized for each evaporative cooler louver. Aspen pads are very commonly used because the aspen shavings absorb and release moisture very efficiently. By releasing more water into the passing air, the temperature drop using aspen pads is better than some other materials. Although these aspen pads are not as efficient as CELdek media, which is cellulose paper engineered into honeycomb shaped blocks. CELdek media generally comes in 8 in. and 12 in. thick blocks. Since the air passes through thicker material more water is absorbed which gives a greater temperature drop to the air. Since aspen pads are far less expensive to manufacture they are more commonly used in evaporative coolers.