Nov 18

Rare Wood Veneer Styles Paldao, Bosse, Pecan, Butternut, And Avodire

In a society where everybody wants to be one of a kind, it makes sense that unique items are sought after. It works the same way in the world of veneer, where the best woodworkers, designers, and architects very often ask for rare woods. Keeping this in mind, I will be speaking of five species of rare veneers. Each one has unique characteristics that make it an excellent choice for only certain types of wood projects.

1. Paldao Veneer. Very similar to Orientalwood and Australian Walnut (the names are interchangeable), Paldao is a very unique and rare veneer that has a nice-looking mottle figure. It also looks comparable to American Black Walnut, but the black stripe in the mottle figure and the more red tone sets it apart. Paldao is used often in the manufacturing of furniture.

2. Bosse Veneer. This species is actually a Mahogany relative and has a pinkish pale color. It comes in many figured varieties including Pomelle and Fiddleback. Bosse is also called Spanish Cedar the same exact species with a different name. It is also used heavily in the interior of boats.

Nov 17

Invest In The Trendiest Home Office Furniture

Are you planning to set up a new house or office? Are you looking for stylish and unique home office furniture?

When choosing suitable furniture for your home or office, you need to look for your needs and requirements. Whether shopping for your home or office, you have to look for durable and comfortable furniture that can make your employees comfortably for hours. When choosing furniture for your house, you need to have stylish and affordable furniture which is easy to clean and maintain.

As we always want to spend money for our comfort therefore, why not invest in pitstop furniture. This kind of furniture will always keep the staff of your office recharged and enthusiastic towards their work. This furniture which looks like racing car seats will keep the employees charged and confident and increase their productivity.

Nov 16

Silver Craft- Basic Techniques For Working With Silver

Silver is extremely malleable and ductile and as such, it is highly preferred by silversmiths for making silverware and silver jewelery. Silver craft takes years to learn as an apprentice to a silversmith, or in some college or university offering such courses. Perfection comes only with practice. However, the basic techniques can be learned by anyone who has patience, and the right tools!

Piercing: Silver is cut to form a basic shape or to make a decorative pattern with a piercing saw. When creating a pattern, a small hole is drilled in the silver sheet to allow the blade of the saw to be positioned. The blade is then attached to the piercing saw, under tension. Blades can be coarse allowing fast cutting or very fine for detailed work. The blades are delicate and can be easily snapped. As such, work must be done slowly. The blade is held vertically and metal is moved slowly to make curves or corners. Blades are also lubricated by passing them through beeswax, which makes cutting smoother. The work is supported on a bench peg which is screwed to a workbench having a V cut into it so that both the sides of the cut are supported. Small shavings of metal called lemel are collected from under the piercing onto a leather or paper cloth, which are then recycled into new silver.

Soldering: Pieces of silver are joined by soldering. Silver solder, that comes in various alloy mixes but mainly containing silver, is used for soldering. Silver solder melts at a very high temperature and so a blow torch is used. The temperature required to melt silver solder is very close to the temperature at which the piece being worked upon would itself melt. To manage the temperatures, soldering and other torch work is usually done in darkness so that the color of the metal, as it heats, can be used to measure the temperature of the piece. Silver solder come in soft, medium and hard versions having lower, higher and highest melting points. Pieces where multiple soldering is required use hard solder at first, and work down the grades with subsequent soldering so that each addition does not melt or distort the previous one. Lead solder should never be used as its high temperatures cause the solder to run all over the silver, damaging and making it useless.

Nov 15

Box Spring Beds Or Slat Beds

A good nights rest is one of the most important things for some people. They will go to great lengths to find a bed and mattress that will provide them with the support they need to have a good nights rest. Today there are two basic types of beds that are prevalent in the Western world. Box spring beds and slat beds.

For some people the differences may not even be worth thinking about, but there are differences between the two that make some people choose the one over the other.

Most traditional beds these days are box spring beds and not slat beds. This means that the frame of the bed has a box with supportive springs inside it. The mattress is places on top of this frame. This gives the bed the springy feel that they tend to have. While these beds are the most prevalent these days, they are not the only ones.

Nov 15

Insights Into Interior Design Designing In Style. Part I Foundations

Global Interior Design Consultancy Company in London, UK for interior design services.
Interior design has always been impacted by fashion trends – both historically and in the modern day. In this article series, “Designing in Style,” I explore the meaning of style for interior designers. I draw on my experience working alongside many of London’s best-known interior design teams. This first article in my series outlines some of the basic concepts.

One of the first things to note is that we change our interiors much less frequently than we change our clothing. As a result, it is important for the professional interior designer to not design too “fashionable” a room for fear that it might seem completely outdated next year. Certainly it is possible to keep up with furniture fashions – many of which can be seen in London’s monthly interior design magazines – but the professional interior designer will generally prefer to focus on furniture fashions that can be easily changed. Examples include cushions, table decorations, rugs and bed linens.

London Interior Design trends can be very changeable. For example, in recent decades London saw a movement back towards the traditional. The Georgian-style Adam fireplace has seen a major revival, as have other old-fashioned features. Mouldings are very much in style today, and interior designers will commonly include them – whether in plaster or in wood.