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Dec 03

How to buy Used furniture in India

Whilst furnishing or refurnishing your living space or the office space you will perhaps find the less expensive way to do it either by choosing used furniture or by having your existing furniture refurbished. Searching for used furniture can be tough as it will require lot of your brains and physical excursion. There are some …

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Oct 23

Furniture Concepts Top Reasons To Buy Indian Furniture

Indian furniture is one of the most stable and beautiful furniture you will ever get. Here are some of the top reasons to buy furniture made in India. The furniture of your house plays a very important role in deciding the look and feel of it. In fact, apart from the paint and the dcor, …

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Aug 18

The History Of The Bombe Chest

You may be interested to know that the first bombe chests were originally crafted in France nearly 300 years ago. They were created during the Regence period between 1715-1723 A.D. This was a new era of loosened artistic endeavors after the long, strict rule of Louis XIV. He preferred sharp, classical furniture and would not …

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Jul 25

Indian Style Interior Design – Best Tips

Vibrant colours, shiny fabrics, abundance of accessories. Let the magic of India take over your home and bring exotic energy and harmony. Whether you were inspired by Bollywood productions, actually travelled to India or simply dream of having a relaxed, informal interior with an exotic touch, consider redecorating your home in an Indian style. For …

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May 07

Modern Kashmiri Furniture

Kashmir, a northern state of India, has built its fame not only on the merits of its age-old political controversy or its natural beauty, but also on the merits of its local arts and crafts, of which the hand-crafted, ornate walnut furniture pieces are both beautiful and functional. The paradox of this class of furniture …

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Apr 28

Interior Design Today

Today, interior design has become a means of making a statement on the latest designs, thus creating an identity. A professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy, safe, pleasing, user friendly and comfortable physical environment. Interior design in India, is now well in sync with the global trends …

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Apr 11

Guide To Choosing The Right Parquet Flooring From Various India Flooring Companies

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home is very essential as it completes the dcor of your home and has functional value as well. Some of the popular choices available to us include vinyl flooring, carpet tiles and parquet flooring which are available with most of the India flooring companies. However, one of …

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Mar 27

How to Zero in on the Best Interior Design for your House without Spending a Fortune – Copy

Almost every one of us wants to redecorate our homes. After all who doesn’t want a home that is the envy of everyone? It is no different in the case of people from India too. This is a country which is known for its rich culture and tradition. Interior designers in India …

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Feb 08

Unique Interior Design Ideas For A Tea Cafe

Opening up a new Tea Caf and stuck for Interior design ideas? Then you have found the right article. Taking ideas from around the world and throughout history you will be sure to find an idea or inspiration for your own tea caf Interior design. Tea and tea cafes have a long history as people …

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Sep 23

Jaipur Furniture

Welcome to Indomahameru, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of artistic, wooden furniture, handicrafts, Rajasthan furniture & jaipur furniture in India. Our cheap furniture Store design and manufacture the finest selections of quality custom built and upholstered furniture with over 200 models available and always growing. This ethnic furniture not only takes …

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