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Truckload Furniture – Good Profits In Less Investment


It is a known fact that buying or shipping truckload of furniture yields more money than buying in pallets or freights. Truckload furniture basically means large amount of various kinds of furniture of different brands for a single customer sent to one destination. It may carry brand new excess merchandise, assorted loads, salvage, liquidated, closeout or customer return furniture loads from various manufacturers and departments stores.

These truckloads of furniture are generally good mix of well conditioned or slightly spoiled items. They contain all types of furniture for both home and office. These may include both modern and antique pieces in different wood, metals and leather. You can get lamps, chairs, beds, table, beanbags, chaise, side chairs, mattress, nesting tables, ottomans, recliners, rocking chairs, dressing tables, mirrors, chest, cocktail table, cabinet, bookshelf, corner cabinet, breakfast table, outdoor tables and benches etc. Such loads can be desirable furniture liquidation mix. This furniture may cost you just about 10-30% of the wholesale price.

Benefits of truckload furniture

You can avail furniture at very cheap price of about 10-30% of wholesale value

Multiple brands in one load

Vast variety of furniture pieces and home furnishing items

Quality products

Consistent supply

Good profits on sale


You cannot have choices

No warranties on products

Often truckloads contain large percentage of damaged or dented items

Some products are just trash that cannot be repaired or sold at all

Buying furniture truckloads

The truckload of furniture is generally bought by discount retailers, retail furniture liquidators and auctioneers. Even sellers at eBay, swap shops and flea markets also buy truckloads or pallets of furniture. Buying furniture at a brand store or manufacturers has its own advantages like fresh stock and latest collection but such furniture is expensive and may not fit all budget houses. While buying furniture and home dcor items from liquidators possibly save both sellers and end-customer from spending lot of money on home and office furniture

If you want to start on business by buying truckloads furniture, first do your extensive market research. Buy only from authentic suppliers who have years of experience and credibility in the field. If ordering it online through wholesalers or auction websites, check on prices, delivery time, discounts, offers, shipping and most important types and quality of furniture. Often the truckloads contain lot of damaged stuff which is beyond repair and thus cannot be sold. With all well planned strategy you can get excellent deals and make good profits through truckloads.